GLOBAL Technologies and Mattel sign a strategic contract

GLOBAL Technologies and MATTEL sign a strategic contract to modernize the mobile network and internet access in Mauritania.

GLOBAL Technologies announced today the signature of a new contract with MATTEL SA, a TUNISIE TELECOM subsidiary and the 1st mobile operator in Mauritania.

To modernize its network and offer best in class Internet services on the Mauritanian market, MATTEL engaged GLOBAL Technologies with the replacement of existing VSAT links with the latest equipment and the most modern satellite available in Mauritania.

Combining the strength of GLOBAL Technologies’ expertise in the field of telecommunications, its strong international presence and its extensive partner network, this merger will enable MATTEL to provide its customers with better network access and a more powerful bandwidth, particularly in remote sites and desert areas.

This strategic change will ensure a leading position for MATTEL on the Mauritanian market and offer their customers the most efficient 3G and IP connection in Mauritania.

Last week, Jean- Paul STEINITZ, CEO of GLOBAL Technologies, and Dominique SAINT-JEAN, CEO of MATTEL, signed a multi-million euro contract for a 5 years period. GLOBAL Technologies is committed to supporting MATTEL in this sustainable change process and taking charge of the project execution until its completion.

Recognized expert within the international telecom services market, GLOBAL Technologies carries out network design and deployment. Together with its partners, NEWTEC and EUTELSAT, the group will implement latest generation VSAT technologies and the most powerful bandwidth on the market.

This contract aims to democratize mobile service access even in the most remote areas of the country.
MATTEL builds on GLOBAL Technologies’ expertise for the deployment of sophisticated equipment in very difficult areas.

The group brings significant expertise to its client MATTEL, who will benefit from top level service. GLOBAL Technologies and MATTEL are also soon expected to discuss the extension of VSAT site numbers and network technical evolution to improve both the quality and the range of provided services.

The group GLOBAL Technologies is currently present today in over 12 African countries and continuously strengthens its network whilst providing a truly local service to all its customers.