News: GLOBAL Technologies continues its collaboration with the Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) in Italy for 5 more years

GLOBAL Technologies Teams are pleased to announce the award of a further 5 years staffing agreement with the CMRE. With this contract GLOBAL Technologies is able to continue providing its services in the areas of Software development, Network and System administration, Scientific Modeling and Simulation, Computer Science and Computer Security to the CMRE.

"The partnership between the CMRE and GLOBAL Technologies was initiated in 2013 and thanks to our success in placing consultants there on both long-term contract and short mission we were re-established as preferred supplier and we’re very proud of that accomplishment, " said Renske Wester, Business Manager NATO and the EU. "GLOBAL Technologies brings its many years of experience and expertise to NATO in the fields of IT and Engineering. We look forward to assisting NATO’s Science and Technology Organization in these areas, so they can focus on their Scientific research in Oceanology, Modeling, Simulation and Acoustics."

GLOBAL Technologies brings its expertise in all IT domains (helpdesk, software development security…) to enable scientists and PhD students to work serenely on their research work.