Job Focus: Meeting with a multicultural and over motivated "NATO" team!

GLOBAL Technologies dedicated NATO staffing team comes from different European countries such as the Netherlands, Slovakia, Portugal, Romania and Hungary and they speak a total of 9 different languages!

GLOBAL Technologies’ NATO Business Manager, Renske Wester, is from the Netherlands originally and joined the organization in 2013.

“When I joined GLOBAL Technologies, we had a several consultants already working for NATO. However, in these past 5 years me and my team have worked very hard to increase those numbers whilst still maintaining a strong focus on personal contact with consultants on-site as well as the quality of our service.We have now grown to an organization that has direct contracts with different NATO structures and the ability to deploy our consultants to any location in the world. We have more than 90 consultants currently in a NATO project in Europe and Afghanistan.This success is largely thanks to our dedicated team who are committed to delivering a high-quality service to both client and candidate and our devotion to retaining our human capital and developing it further,” says Renske Wester.

Being responsible for the team of operational management, daily work planning, project management, business development and the drafting of proposals, Renske also has great interest in recruiting new talent for the NATO staffing team. “Currently we work in a small team with our 4 Senior Recruiters Nuria, Linda, Lilla and Raluca and supporting staff but we’re always on the look-out for talented recruiters who are looking for a truly international work place in Paris”, explains Renske.

When speaking about their profession, the Recruitment Consultants at GLOBAL Technologies demonstrate their passion for the job. "You have to be empathetic, to love human relationships, to listen to the market and to know the business issues of IT and telecommunications. It is essential to select the best profiles that will be required tomorrow so pro activity is key”, says Nuria, a Portuguese national.

Linda, originally from Slovakia continues “to further challenge us, any candidate must hold a NATO Secret clearance in order to be considered which narrows the pool of candidates we can go to. This makes it a competitive market where we really have to be able to convince candidates that we do offer a stronger career path with real assets to develop their employability".

To further strengthen our competitive edge, GLOBAL Technologies put in place a subsidiary in Romania to source and qualify candidates and start clearance processes for the most talented. “As we are awarded new contracts, we are need more and more consultants who are available at short notice. It’s inevitable to establish our own pool of security cleared staff who are ready to start a position at a moments’ notice. That is our main purpose and mission,” completes Raluca, International Recruiter at KranszWald, the Romanian Subsidies of the Group GLOBAL Technologies.