System Design





Global manager: 

  • Renske Wester


Europa / Europe

Nato clearance: 


Job description: 

LOCATION: Mons, Belgium
DURATION: 6 months with possible extensions
CONTRACT: Contractor
SALARY: Negotiable daily rate
WORK HOURS: Regular working hours Monday to Friday


  • Apply change control procedures;
  • Be responsible for registering all names, addresses and technical objects required to support the operation and management of NATO networks and the NATO Directory Services;
  • Be responsible of data management and registration of network nodes, edges, addresses and identities;
  • Support network change and configuration management for exercises and FMN affiliates
  • Prepare data quality reports;
  • Coordinate development of implementation plans for dealing with more complex requests for change, evaluate risks to integrity of infrastructure inherent in proposed implementations, seek authority for those activities, review the effectiveness of change implementation, and suggest improvement to organizational procedures governing change management;
  • Assess, analyze, develop, document and implement changes based on requests for change;
  • Manage data and information in all its forms and the analysis of information structure (including logical analysis of taxonomies, data and metadata);
  • Develop innovative ways of managing the information asset of the organization;
  • Plan effective information storage, sharing and publishing within an organization;
  • Assess issues (such as “islands of information”) which might prevent the organization from making maximum use of its information assets;
  • Derive data management structures to ensure consistency of information retrieval, combination, analysis, pattern recognition and interpretation through the organization;
  • Take responsibility for the accessibility and retrievability of specific subsets of information;
  • Enable the availability, integrity and searchability of information through the application of formal data structures;
  • Manipulate specific data from information services to satisfy local or specific information needs. 

Job requirements: 

  • CISCO Network Design (IP addressing, DNS, Active Directory, network design documentation);
  • DNS administration;
  • Network auditing;
  • Account management;
  • SharePoint Content Administration;
  • Reporting Master Data Management.