Oracle DB (ODB) expert


Europa / Europe

Nato clearance: 


Job description: 

LOCATION: Maastricht
CONTRACT: Consultant
SALARY: Negotiable daily rate

• Support for the upgrade of the database environment from Oracle 11g to Oracle 12c or beyond
• Develop the upgrade plan in close coordination with the MUAC DBA
• Prepare and execute the planned upgrades
• Perform the migration of development/test instances, detect and resolve issues arising during the update. Cooperate with developers to streamline affected applications if changes are required
• Assessment of security enhancements and implementation wherever reasonable. An example is the introduction of encrypted client connections and assessing the required changes on application level
• Contribute to the design of an enhanced target environment (after upgrade) in close coordination with the MUAC DBA taking into account the new functionality
• Enhancements are, but by no means an exhaustive list, re-evaluation of backup approach, proposal of availability solutions in a hybrid configuration VMWare/Oracle Cloud or VMWare/Exadata, integration with Enterprise Manager
• Other performance and optimisations wherever possible or desirable
• Documentation of the design changes

• Senior DBA profile with experience in migration to Oracle 12c and preferable Oracle 18c
• Very good conceptual knowledge in general of Oracle DB features
• Well versed in Oracle DB containers for future improvement of our current setup (single DB)
• Good knowledge with Oracle EM 13c
• Proven experience in design of an Oracle environment (conceptual and practical knowledge)
Proven Experience in one or more of following topics is considered an advantage:
• Define network setups for the Oracle environment with regard to backup, management and client DB access
• Dataguard DB setups in combination with container DB’s for consolidation or wider practical experience/solution in DB availability options (KISS principle) in combination with a virtual machine infrastructure (VMWare)
• Resource control in the context of container DB’s, using EM 13c
• Use of encryption for SQL connections
• AD integration for DB access
• Knowledge of Exadata