Network Engineer


Asia / Asie

Nato clearance: 


Job description: 

LOCATION: Amman, Jordan
DURATION: 1 year
CONTRACT: Consultant
SALARY: Negotiable daily rate

• Finalize the standard configuration document according to the latest changes including: configuration for 4000 routers (including VRFs), WLC config update, TACACS+ on routers and switches, etc
• Analyze the possibility of migrating the DMVPN tunnel encryption key from static to dynamic
• Assist in moving the tunnel to AWS from DMVPN hub to S2S firewall
• Cisco equipment lifecycle management: consider replacement options for end of sales/support equipment, advice on firmware and  software versions
• Review of Cisco prime alerts: generate incidents from Prime alerts and in particular on changes to cisco devices
• Ensure Wipro network support team are trained to follow-up on these
• Review and Document IP phone + VPN solution with Meraki
• Meraki Quality assurance
• Review IP plan and propose options and implement solutions
• Review DNS implementation and propose optimized solutions
• Review and Propose a transition from private (10.x.x.x) to public IP scheme worldwide
• Plan and implement to separation between MBT and SH
• Review syslog set-up and suggest improvements in line with our security strategy
• Network diagram updates for field office LAN (select and use network diagram tool)
• Lobby ambassador and Meraki: Following up on the rollout and hand-over to Wipro for support
• UNOG ASA migration
• Review of PRTG automated alerts: ensure Wipro network support team are trained to follow-up on these
• Finalize tacacs implementation on field offices devices. Document process for granting admin access to field officers;
• Cisco switch Port security configuration and documentation