IT (EDP) Assistant


Europa / Europe

Nato clearance: 


Job description: 

DURATION: End of this year
CONTRACT: Consultant
SALARY: Negotiable daily rate

• Planning, executing, documenting and qualifying assembly of SSSB hardware (HW) and software (SW) systems
• Perform cables, small printed circuit boards (PCB) assembly, electric and electronic circuits troubleshooting and repairs
• Support integration and qualification tests of new software baselines
• Support all activities of the production and delivery of HW and SW system updates
• Executing configuration audits and quality control checks during the development of a new HW and SW versions
• Generating and maintaining detailed data file s for configuration control purposes of the SSSB system
• Performing final quality control checks on all releasable systems and documentation;
• Performing system installations both inhouse and onsite
• Maintaining a high level of expertise in software security and ensuring the latest security procedures are applied to both SSSB development systems and to the systems delivered on site
• Maintaining configuration records to record the delivery of systems on site and to maintain up to date information on the configuration implemented at each specific site
• Maintaining the systems installed in the SSSB engineering laboratory and SSSB development environment
• Maintaining the systems installed in the SSSB training environment
• Performing training both inhouse and on site for S SSB systems.
• Executing administrative tasks such as drafting and filing of corre spondence, maintaining inventory, handling purchases, TDY administration and budget control, carrying out security related tasks and other administrative tasks as delegated by the Head of Section

Job requirements: 

• Vocational training at higher level either in computer sciences or electronics or in a technical subject with computer sciences and/or electronics content with 8 years’ experience in the duties related to the function of the post
• Recent practical experience in system hardware assembly, cable assembly and small PCB assembly
• Recent practical experience in the administration of IT systems in a network environment preferably in UNIX/Linux based operating systems and MS Windows
• Knowledge of networking and digital communication (LAN / WAN) standards and techniques
• Knowledge of the security requirements in protected IT systems
• Knowledge of UNIX scripting languages
• Experience in maintenance of NATO Air Defence (AD) systems; military data links operations/technical/procedures (e.g. Link 1, Link 11, Link 11B and Link 22)
• Prior experience of working in an international environment comprising both military and civilian elements
• Proof of formal training in system administration (server and workstation)