IBM Rational Software Architect


Europa / Europe

Nato clearance: 


Job description: 

LOCATION: The Hague, Netherlands
CLIENT: NATO Communication and Information Agency (NCIA)
DURATION: 50 days
CONTRACT: Consultant
SALARY: Negotiable daily rate
WORK HOURS: 39h per week
NATO operates a fleet of Boeing E-3A Airborne Warning & Control System (AWACS) aircraft, which provide the Alliance with an immediately available airborne command and control (C2), air and maritime surveillance and battle-space management capability.  
Through the 2018 STS POW, the NCI Agency will provide specialist support to the formal requirements development process to ensure an operationally relevant E-3A platform and its associated NAEW&C Force providing effective air, surface and electronic surveillance and airborne Battle Management/Command and Control (BMC2) capabilities for NATO to 2035 and beyond.
Part of this POW is to support the development and identification of future requirements; to cover Mission Critical Requirements (MCR), Key Requirements, Developing Requirements and Urgent Requirements, and in which includes the task to provide enhanced analysis and refresh of NAEW&C Force Reference Architecture. 


Job requirements: 

Tasks to be completed in the scope of work will include, but will not necessarily be limited to the following:
Represent the architecture collected in IBM Software Architect – the architecture modeling tool using UML and BPMN
Develop specific views to help the further development of the NATO E-3A Concept of Employment (CONEMP)
Participate in meetings with NAEW&C Force representatives to elicit and validate requirements and architecture artefacts
Write a technical report that represents the refreshed NAEW&C Force Reference Architecture
Support the continued maintenance and publication of the NATO E-3A Concept of Employment (CONEMP) focusing operational requirements associated with current and future Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C)/Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) (A2A) support to NATO-led or supported BMC2 and JISR missions and operations
Refresh and update NAEW&C Force reference architecture development in accordance with NATO Architecture Framework
Determine Information Exchange Requirement (IER) for NAEW&C Force support to future BMC2 and JISR Operations.  Will be based primarily on the analysis of the expected support to Alliance mission types and their phases, considering the operational capabilities established within the Capability Requirement Review for NDPP, with the goal being to identify the IERs that can be used to define the bandwidth and communications capacities and capabilities required 
Knowledge of UML, BPMN and Modelling techniques
Expert knowledge of architecture tools, preferably IBM Rational Software architect
Able to capture and analyze requirements and manage opposing point of views
Able to conceptualize large complex integrated solutions
Expert knowledge of TOGAF ADM and NAF views
Good understanding of military C2ISR concepts
Knowledge of existing/R&D civilian and military surveillance & reconnaissance systems and technologies
Experienced in using Microsoft Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint at an advanced user level
Knowledge of the NATO C3 Taxonomy


Additional information: 

5 years of demonstrated experience in written technical reports and presentations on capability architectures
Excellent spoken and written English communication and presentation skills
Ability and self-motivation to work on his/her own but must also work well within groups as part of a team
Good listening skills and an ability and keen sense for problem-solving