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GLOBAL Technologies

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  • Mathieu Quittre


Africa / Afrique

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Job description: 

GLOBAL Technologies continually strengthens its network of consultants and business advisers in Africa. GLOBAL Technologies provides innovative solutions for telecommunications, network deployment, security state, identification and protection of property and people. These missions target people capable to negociate at the highest level and able to master sophisticated technological concepts.

We want to work with counselors and independent consultants, with a strong network of relationships and having already since ten years, acquired extensive experience and notable commercial successes. The general direction of our group will be directly involved in the negotiation of these unique partnerships by both the strength and size of the markets they address than by the level of income generated. If you think you are eligible for these partnerships send your submission package to Jean-Paul STEINITZ ( Chairman & CEO of GLOBAL Technologies Group that will meet you personally. Our work covers twenty countries in West Africa and Central Africa; so you need to explain clearly what were your duties and achievements proven in these countries, at what level you negotiated, and the various contacts and references that can support your case.